Aonghas agus Seonaid



Leabhar Ur Cloinne: Aonghas Agus Seonaid, a Hard Back Gaelic story book for children. Island life on the Westside of Lewis is depicted by artist  Steve Tod,. The book features original hand drawn paintings with scenes from a traditional crofting community. Seonaid’ the cat’s adventures are portrayed around the croft on the Atlantic Coast in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

Aonghas Agus Seonaid is suitable for children, parents, grandparents and Gaidhlig learners throughout the world. The hardback book features Seonaid’s escapades in an idiomatic Lewis blas.

Available online for £14.00 plus postage

As an island souvenir at An Taigh Ceilidh, Church St, Stornoway.

Orders by email to or in the online shop or Gaelic Hebrides on 07554665549.



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