Làraich Publication


Norse related place names in Lochs, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides by AG Morrison


Thàinig an cruinneachadh seo beò and dèidh pròiseact coimhearsnachd air No Lochan an Leòdhas. Eadar Uirsgeulan na Lochlannaich, ainmean an fhearainn san latha na diugh agus beul aithris ne sgìre.

Làraich Publication on theories of Norse Place names in Lochs, Isle of Lewis includes oral tradition and aspects of the Norse Sagas

Làraich The Norse Place names of Leurbost and Surrounding Areas of North Lochs is a 48 page publication. Members of the local community began an enquiry into local place names and the information was presented during an exhibition in January, February and March 2017.

Feedback from visitors led to this publication which has place name related references spanning the Norse sagas and present North Lochs oral tradition.

Research by AG Morrison, Magaidh Smith and Kenny Macleod

A 40 minute Gaelic documentary was part of this research project. Youtube link



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